The Test Kit

Thanks to Measuring Broadband Canada, if you are selected to participate you will receive a SamKnows Test Kit containing:

  • The Whitebox (including 1 x Ethernet cable and 1 x Power supply) to collect data
  • Access to the SamKnows One dashboard to view your metrics and analyze your results
  • An e-report card that summarizes your monthly internet performance
  • A download of the SamKnows Speedtest App to run tests on your mobile broadband wherever you are
  • Guidance on your internet performance through blog posts and tips on our social media pages

The SamKnows Whitebox

The Whitebox is a measurement tool capable of measuring fixed broadband connections.

It supports a wide range of measurements, from download speed to packet loss, and can detect cross-traffic. This means that it only runs tests when you are not heavily using your internet, and it won't interfere with your current internet activity such as streaming a movie, playing games, and so on.

SamKnows One

On the SamKnows One dashboard, your cloud-based web portal, you can:

  • Generate charts to visualize your internet performance over time
  • Track trends and spot problems
  • Export reports to share with your friends, family or your internet service provider

Using this intuitive and powerful tool, you can be confident about your internet connection.

The Report Card

Your e-report card will summarize your internet performance from the previous month. Reminding you of your Internet Service Provider and package, it will allow you to spot any discrepancy you might not have noticed otherwise. You will also find internet-performance related news and updates.

To better understand your internet performance, log into your SamKnows One dashboard and analyze your results.

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